How I travel healthy

Hi Folks! I’m in Bawwwston, I’ve been here for a week! The first week of a three month adventure going around the US, and then South America! :D. I’m going to continue to blog about my adventures as well as the standard health stuff.

Today, I thought I’d talk about some of the steps I take to stay healthy and fit while I travel. It’s particularly important for me this trip, because three months is a long time. If I’m going away for a week or two, I can usually compromise and not worry about things so much, but over three months I have to take some steps to  keep feeling awesome, and support my immune system so I don’t get sick. So here are my main priorities when travelling…

  1. I Cook my own food as much as possible
    In the US, this is easy because of Wholefoods and farmers markets and a growing Paleo community where it’s easy to get paleo friendly snacks and quick meals. Even in more exotic countries, it’s great going to supermarkets and seeing what kind of local fare are on offer.
  2. Stay Fit. 
    In London I was introduced to Classpass by a friend, and got some free credits. I  forgot to cancel my membership before I got automatically re-billed for the month, but this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because you can use the credits in numerous cities around the world! So yesterday I went to my first ever Bikram yoga class in Boston (you may have seen my Instagram selfies haha), and it was great. I’m sure there are various types of prepaid class type things in different cities, or you can just google stuff. I’m doing a free trial of Krav maga classes next week, and apart from that I’ve been doing body weight exercises like push-ups and squats at home.
  3.  Drink clean water
    I have one of these water bottles with a 2 stage filter designed for camping and a bobble bottle to filter water. I also try and get San pellegrino sparkling water in glass bottles from the supermarket. Water can be a significant source of heavy metals and toxins, so it’s really important to me to filter as much as possible.
  4. Clean air
    I have a portable HEPA air filter than I connect during sleep; this is the time I’m most particular about having a clean environment, as I’m in the same place for at least 8 hours, and a clean environment means better sleep for me.
  5. Clean up electricity
    Probably my most controversial health behaviour is limiting my exposure to EMF’s and Wi-fi signals. Our bodies are electrically charged and there is potential for electrical signals to disrupt this delicate balance. While the scientific evidence on this is mixed, I prefer to err on the cautious side. Our bodies have never before in our evolutionary history been bombarded with so many of these electrical signals, and we don’t know the long term effects yet. So I have EMF shielding fabric in my bed sheets and try to turn Wifi off at night (I don’t need it, so why not?). This could be doing nothing, or it could be a great help, and it’s easy enough, so I do it.
  6. Supplement wisely
    I can’t drag around crap-loads of supplements, so I choose wisely. I take a good multivitamin (Thorne brand is one of the highest quality ones I’ve found), fish oil, and adaptogens to deal well with the stress of travel. I also bring a herbal sleep remedy (I’m liking Gaia herbs one at the moment), on nights where I struggle to sleep, as well as melatonin to help adjust to new time zones. Oh yeah, I also take astaxanthin every day in the 2 weeks before a flight, as it is a powerful antioxidant that may protect against radiation damage.


Those are my main ways of sticking to the healthy lifestyle while away. It might seem like a lot, but it’s actually super easy; the main inconvenience is just having extra stuff to carry around. But hey, that could tie into fitness, because lifting heavy suitcases is just another way to keep fit ;).

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