Foodie heaven

Travelling and blogging is hard. It’s like…there’s so much going on and so many new experiences which I want to write about, but the lack of free time means I’ve struggled with even writing my “memories journal”. But it’s okay, because there is A LOT of interesting stuff stored in my brain that I will eventually translate to words…

So I left Boston on March 8th, went to Philadelphia for two nights, then New york for two nights, then the Bahamas for four nights! I was actually meant to be in the Bahamas for two nights only, but I needed more sunshine, relaxing and good vibes, plus I got to try scuba diving :D. Carpe diem and YOLO, motherfuckers :D. Oh yeah, THEN it was Boulder for a week, and now in San Francisco. SO MUCH STUFF.

Anyway, being the massive foodie that I am, I have to talk about the most awesome restaurants I’ve been in that have food values that align with mine. So Let’s start with the first two…

Philly – P.S & Co

So in Philly, I saw my friend Dilan, with whom I enjoyed excellent conversation and exploring, as well as two amazing meals at this fully organic, vegan restaurant. They only cook in coconut and olive oil, and have a lot of paleo/primal friendly options, though I definitely enjoyed some grain carbs too ;). We went for dinner the night I got there, and I had this mushroom meatball pizza on a sweet potato crust with the most cheesy “fake” cheese I’ve ever had the joy of tasting. For dessert I got a pecan caramel cookie made with almond flour, and definitely ate the whole thing after telling myself I’d only eat half. It was more chewy than crunchy but damn it was delicious.

On my last day, we went for brunch and I ordered the iced coffee and quinoa oat waffles with maple syrup (the only time I really indulge with such a carbtastic brunch!). Dilan ordered the French toast, and we got nachos to share. I preferred my waffles which were crispy, crunchy and had the really nice flavour of quinoa and oat. The nachos had all sorts of exciting flavours, and it was nice that the chips were baked not fried, but I’m not a huge nacho fan anyway, so not much to comment on really. As far as the coffee goes,  I didn’t actually enjoy it at first (it had just a touch of coconut milk, and coconut syrup which I added). But it grew on me; iced coffee that is dark, strong and flavourful definitely beats a milky sweet drink with only a hint of coffee flavour.

The restaurant itself is really pretty, and full of plants, which make it a beautiful place to be on a sunny day for brunch, or even a low key dinner. The staff were so chilled and friendly, and it’s the kind of place for ALL kinds of dietary requirements. Win-win.


I fist tried Hu Chocolate in Boston (the cashew and salty ones). Tt’s pricy but SO GOOD. They have a very Paleo/Primal friendly restaurant in NYC, and I spent about half a day there trying drinks and foods. All the meat is grass-fed and/or organic, they only have a few dishes with grains, and everything is free of gluten and processed vegetable oils. It was truly awesome to be in a restaurant where I knew I could order ANYTHING I wanted! I got the root veg mash and Hu Joe’s (ground beef in tomato sauce) for lunch, with a coconut flour biscuit. I actually felt the mash was too sweet for what I was in the mood for, but it was still tasty. I also tried their bagel (I guess it’s NYC so they kinda had to made a paleo bagel), which was chewy, yeasty and savoury but with a touch of sweetness.

For desserts I tried the “crack bar” which is a gooey maple caramel with coconut on a crust. This wasn’t my favourite as it was a bit oily and I felt like pecans would have worked better than shredded coconut. Weirdly enough, it tasted too “healthy”, whereas the chocolate espresso cupcake I tried had a great soft cake texture, and fluffy coconutty frosting. In terms of drinks, I tried a cappuccino, and their mocha with coconut milk, which comes unsweetened but is so smooth and deliciously rich that I think it was best without any coconut sugar.

My only gripe was that my stomach was too small to eat as much as I wanted, but if I ever find myself in New York again, I’m definitely fasting and then feasting in this place!

Oh yeah, another thing which both restaurants did that I think is amazing and important is they used filtered water! Cities tend to have bad quality water and most ‘healthy’ restaurants tend to be in cities, so it’s exciting to see restaurants take notice!

More restaurant stuff coming up, because I have done LOTS of stuffing my face with deliciously healthier food in the name of science……blogging! 😀

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