Golden milk latte

I have no idea why it took so long, but yesterday was the first time I tried “Golden milk”, which is an adaptation of an Ayurvedic health tonic made with milk and turmeric. Golden milk seems to be all the rage in the West now; I keep seeing it in health food cafes and on blogs. It never really appealed to me, but yesterday I was struggling with menstrual cramps (an on-off struggle), and I’m trying to wean off using over the counter painkillers; I haven’t needed them for the last three months (Hooray!) thanks to lifestyle factors and certain herbs/medicinal plants which include turmeric, one of my fave anti-inflammatory compounds.

Turmeric, and its active compounds (curcuminoids, of which there are three main ones; curcumin, bis-demethoxycurcumin and de-methoxycurcumin) are some of the most heavily researched  “neutraceutical” plant compounds, and have been shown to have profound anti-inflammatory effects, which is great because chronic systemic inflammation is thought to be a factor in almost all chronic disease. I usually take supplemental curcumin to get the benefits, as those in turmeric itself are really poorly absorbed, and it’s hard to ingest enough through turmeric powder alone.

So for this caffeine=free ‘latte’ I combined whole turmeric powder with black pepper (which increases absorption and bioavailability of turmeric’s active compounds) and ginger (another potent anti-inflammatory) in a base of coconut milk, grass-fed butter and MCT oil for a bulletproof-esque drink. I added a tiny bit of monkfruit sweetener for a subtle sweetness, though it seemed perfectly drinkable without. This golden drink definitely seemed to help with the mild cramps, and I think I might start drinking it on a semi-regular basis just for its delicious taste and general anti-inflammatory benefits :).

1 cup coconut milk (I used some coconut milk powder dissolved in hot water)
1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger
2 tsp ground turmeric
Pinch of black pepper
1 tsp grassfed butter
1 tsp MCT oil
Stevia or monkfruit to taste

1) Heat the milk in a saucepan, and grate the fresh ginger into it. Let simmer for a few minutes.
2) Strain milk into another pan and add the rest of the ingredients.
3) Blend with a hand blender until frothy and enjoy!

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