Matcha latte with collagen


I bought some ceremonial grade Matcha recently, for a delicious coffee alternative. While I love coffee, both as a delicious beverage and a health tonic, I like to take breaks every once in a while to  re-set my adenosine receptors (the brain receptors that coffee acts on to keep you alert and focused). Coffee, like most drugs builds tolerance, so you notice less effects the more you drink, and I like that after taking a break, the burst of energy and focus feels “new” again.

Matcha does have some caffeine in it, so it doesn’t totally work to re-sensitise adenosine receptors, but it’s nice to have a few days of matcha for a lower caffeine alternative, then a few days of zero caffeine. Matcha also has some other benefits like  ECGC,  a powerful antioxidant, plus L-theanine which balances out the caffeine kick.

My favourite way to consume this beautiful green powder is definitely in the form of a matcha latte with coconut milk, with some added collagen and two drops of vanilla stevia for a delicious mildly sweet creamy drink :D. For bonus health benefits,  I’ll sometimes add some immune boosting Four Sigmatic 10 mushroom powder.


1 tsp matcha powder (I use this brand which is organic, ceremonial grade)
1T coconut cream
1 tsp collagen
2 drops vanilla stevia
Hot water

1) Mix all ingredients apart from the water in a saucepan
2)Add water and heat till just starting to simmer
3) Blend with a hand blender until frothy
4) Pour into a small mug and enjoy

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