End Myopia – a programme to reverse bad eyesight

I just wanted to rave about this eyesight improving program, that allowed me to drop my  glasses prescription by 0.5 diopters at my last optometrist visit! How on earth did I manage this, you ask? Well none other than the End Myopia program. I discovered this a few years ago, as quite frankly, having terrible eyesight is kind of shit. I wanted to improve my eyes, and I stumbled across Jake’s scientifically sound  eye improvement program. Previous to this I knew of the Bates method (eye exercises mostly), and my mother even had the book but I didn’t really get into it, mostly because it was a big commitment for something I didn’t even know worked.

However, upon finding End Myopia, the first few blog posts I read told me that Jake was knowledgeable about how eyes actually work, and had spent a lot of time  trying and testing various methods of improving eye sight, both on himself and with hundreds of other people, culminating in a step-by step program. You can peruse through the blog posts for tips, or do what I did and pay for a program which has all the necessary information in a structured format, with a forum to ask for help and advice. The basic premise is building daily habits to limit worsening of myopia (and reverse the trend),limiting eye strain, giving eyes the right stimulus to adapt, and employing neuroplasticity techniques (because the eyes are actually part of the brain!). While there are no large clinical trials testing the program, it is based on what we already know and understand about the eye, and anecdotal evidence is still evidence. It’s worked for me, and that’s all I need to know.

The program is straightforward, and while some of the paid-for-sessions could be a little more succinct, it’s really easy to follow, and having Jake at hand to ask questions (like a personal eye healer guru) is really helpful. The habits do take time, and buying new glasses (you have to get a “close-up” pair at the start, and adjust both prescriptions as your eyesight improves) can be an expensive habit, but it works for me, and I love knowing that my eyes are slowly improving. I don’t do this just so I can wear a lower prescription, or for the good feeling of better eyesight – it’s important to me because high myopia also puts you at higher risk of things like macular degeneration and glaucoma, which I certainly want to avoid!

If you have bad eyesight, and want to put the work in to reverse your myopia, I recommend checking out the website, and if you’re serious about it, signing up for the programme!

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