I started  writing this in Piknik Austin, after a few crazy days at PaleoFX, finished it in San Diego and am posting it from London! It’s been a crazy two weeks..

So PaleoFx is one of the biggest gatherings of Paleo/Primal people, Biohackers, functional medicine doctors and ancestral wellness fans in one place. It was HUGE, so much bigger than the Biohacking summit in Helsinki. There were tonnes of talks and panels with people like Mark Sisson, Chris Kresser, Aubrey Marcus, Dan Pompa, Sarah Ballantyne, Mariza Snyder, Dave Asprey etc. Some of my favourite people from the ancestral health/biohacking world all in one place.

In addition to game-changing humans, there was a lot of delicious food (you could tell whats ‘IN’ right now from the amount of keto food and coffee with all kinds of fats and nootropics),  awesome wellness companies, and a load of biohacker gadgets and toys all in the Expo area. There actually wasn’t even enough time to see all the talks I wanted to see and try all the things in the main hall.  I also had some wonderful conversations with such passionate people, and connected with a few other London people, too.

On Saturday night was a charity event for the documentary Sacred Cow – something I think is really important as it’s an educational film about soil regeneration, ethically farmed meat, and the importance of integrated and sustainable farming to keep the soil (and people) healthy. It was sponsored by Dry farm wines who supplied unlimited wine, which just so happens to be natural ( meaning zero chemicals, preservatives or additives are introduced which means it’s actually better than organic), as well as extremely low in sugar, and actually tasty to someone who doesn’t like wine.

The next day I felt a bit foggy brained, but luckily I had access to all the hacks and nutrients from the expo hall to make me feel 100% again.  I wanted to write a little about my favourite companies (though it’s not an exhaustive list, as I lost track of a few…). Most are based in the US, some have distributors in Europe, and I talked to a few who are looking to expand internationally, with the UK being the next stop thanks to its growing community of health hackers.

So here we go…some of my favourite healthy stuff!


Rockit snacks – Forget about crisps/chips/unhealthy snacks. These beat all that processed junk hands down in terms of flavour and healthfulness. These pumpkin seeds have a delicious crunchy coating made of pumpkin seed protein, cassava flour, coconut and spices. Just as moreish as crisps but without the excess carbs and vegetable oils!

Garden of Life –  I’ve used their MCT oil and protein bars which are some of the cleanest out there. At the conference, I tried their chewable probiotics and unflavoured probiotic powder packets (certified organic too!) which were great. These products (along with a bunch of others) are produced in collaboration with Dr. Perlmutter, one of my favourite functional neurologists.

STRONG coffee company – These guys had some delicious coffee on tap…the vanilla latte was super delicious if you like some sweetness, and the ingredients are top notch – organic coffee, cascara (coffeeberry/Neurofactor which increases levels of BDNF), L-theanine, MCT oil, collagen, coconut water and hyaluronic acid! That might be the most impressive ingredients list of an instant coffee mix powder I’ve ever seen.

Starseed Sacha inchi – Sacha inchi is a seed from Peru, and this company produces oil and seed butters, which were delicious and different. They work with indigenous people in the Amazon, and the seeds are organic and fair trade.


Trusii – One of the original pioneers of molecular hydrogen. This stuff is backed by thousands of studies and is a potent mediator of cellular oxidative stress. I take it while travelling (it helps mitigate radiation harm from flying), and whenever my body feels a little battered. If you want to delve into the research, their website has a good list of resources.

Environmedica Terraflora – This broad spectrum synbiotic (probiotic plus prebiotic) includes two strains known to help produce riboflavin and antioxidants in the gut, as well as prebiotics to support their growth. The bacteria are soil based microorganisms resistant to stomach acid, which is an important factor to note when taking supplemental probiotics.

Homebiotic – The healthy bacteria spray which inhibits mould in the home! Mould is one of the biggest health risks, and is surprisingly common in homes. When we move into our new home I’ll be using this to keep the environment microbially healthy


NuCalm – This is designed to rapidly switch your brain and body into a parasympathetic state, using brain entrainment/binaural beats, a microcurrent, and a topical cream containing GABA and it’s precursors (to help your brain produce the calming neurotransmitters). I tried this twice, and the people behind it were kind enough to let me go beyond the 20 mins limit both times, and it was incredible. Both times I tried it I did feel a little anxious beforehand, but was much more zen-like afterwards. I really wish this could be more readily available to people with anxiety disorders.

Pulse Centres PEMF – This is the main industrial Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency devices. This technology works to restore cellular electrical charges for health and vitality and was initially used by NASA. It is currently used for a variety of health issues, and notable has been approved by the FDA for use to treat healing of nonunuin fractures, so there definitely is something to it.

Red Therapy Co. and Joovv – These are two red light therapy devices which include near infrared light. The combination is good for things like collagen production, skin health, muscle recovery, testosterone production, and mitochondrial health. I ordered a Red Therapy Co light, but haven’t yet received it.

Therasage – I was pleased to see a company making portable infrared saunas; a more affordable option than the big wooden units!

Thanks to everyone at Paleof(x) who made it such an incredible event… can’t wait until I can go again!

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