Welcome to the world, baby girl

It’s been a few weeks, and my life has changed massively since I last posted; my baby girl (no name yet) was born on 29th October, at home in the birth pool as planned! It was a really positive birth experience (thanks to being at home, hypnobirthing, and a lot of mind preparation beforehand), and while it’s been a huge transition, I am loving motherhood. The practice I did before and during the birth of surrendering to the universe, has made the emotional rollercoasters, post-partum aches, constant breastfeeding and sleep disruption that much more manageable. It is going really well overall though, and it also helps that my baby is a total cutie and I am falling in love with her more each day! She is now 2 weeks old, and my body is feeling much more “normal”, though of-course it takes about 6 weeks for most women to recover enough to do things like formal exercise. I’m looking forward to blogging in the occasional daytime breaks when she is sleeping and I am not, so keep your eyes peeled for more recipes and health/wellness tips!

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