London Fog recipe

Recently I’ve been exploring alternatives to coffee in the morning, to somewhat reduce my caffeine consumption (only because I’m currently breastfeeding; as I’ve posted before, I believe coffee to be a very healthy beverage!). I came across a drink I’d never heard of before, despite living in London most of my life! It’s called London fog, and is made with Earl grey tea, lavender and frothed milk. I made a dairy free version, that turned out to be a really tasty, creamy, floral drink. It has a subtle flavour, and is a nice change from coffee.

What’s more, Earl grey tea has some particular health benefits. It has bergamot added to the tea, which has been shown to enhance autophagy (cellular clean up). Black tea itself contains many compounds like polyphenols and flavanoids that have antioxidant effects and have been shown to have beneficial effects on many diseases.

This recipe is made according to your mug size. I found brewing the tea for longer is best for flavour – you want it really strong, as the milk dampens down the flavour.

2 Earl Grey teabags
A few dried lavender buds (optional)
1/2 mug hot water
1/2 mug dairy free milk
Pinch of sweetener, eg monk fruit (optional)
1) Brew the teabags and lavender in the hot water for 5 minutes
2) Heat the milk and sweetener in a saucepan till steaming
3) Blend the milk with a hand blender till bubbly
4) Strain the tea into a mug and top with the frothy milk

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