I started  writing this in Piknik Austin, after a few crazy days at PaleoFX, finished it in San Diego and am posting it from London! It’s been a crazy two weeks.. So PaleoFx is one of the biggest gatherings of Paleo/Primal people, Biohackers, functional medicine doctors and ancestral wellness fans in one place. It was … More PaleoFX

Cure – a book review

I recently read this fantastic book called “Cure”, which is about mind-body medicine and the placebo effect. It’s wonderfully narrated, and talks about alternative medicine from a very fair, scientific viewpoint (it’s written by Jo Marchant, a science journalist). In essence, the book outlines research and evidence that proves the mind and body are inextricably … More Cure – a book review

End Myopia – a programme to reverse bad eyesight

I just wanted to rave about this eyesight improving program, that allowed me to drop my  glasses prescription by 0.5 diopters at my last optometrist visit! How on earth did I manage this, you ask? Well none other than the End Myopia program. I discovered this a few years ago, as quite frankly, having terrible eyesight is … More End Myopia – a programme to reverse bad eyesight

Pumpkin pie

Wow, getting married is a project and a half! My last post was written weeks before my wedding, (and I managed to post it the day before, a final post by my single unmarried self!). After an incredible day, we then needed a proper relax (which included 2 days in a remote cottage in the … More Pumpkin pie