Women, Exercise, And The Menstrual Cycle

For a long time in science, the menstrual cycle’s effects on everything from response to drugs, food and exercise was largely ignored as an “inconvenience” rather than vital information. Thankfully that is changing and we are discovering how the different phases of the cycle affect women’s bodies and responses to the environment. I have been … More Women, Exercise, And The Menstrual Cycle

Rest-Pause Training

When it comes to increasing the intensity or difficulty of weight workouts, there are two methods usually employed; increasing the weight, or increasing the reps. I normally go the increasing reps way, as I do the exercise (squats, deadlifts, etc) until failure (I can’t do another rep with good form), as per the Body By … More Rest-Pause Training

Walking enhances the effects of “formal exercise”

I read this study the other day which added to the bounty of evidence of how important walking is. It’s a small one, looking at only 10 patients, but it shows what many other studies have shown; that unless you’re moving regularly, that bout of more intense exercise doesn’t do all that much (it’s called … More Walking enhances the effects of “formal exercise”

Whole Body Vibration

I’ve been intrigued by the benefits of the Whole Body Vibration recently. So much so, that I recently bought a Power Plate to add to my home gym set-up. It’s not cheap, but I am convinced the benefits are worth it. You can find these vibration plates in many gyms, but most people don’t understand … More Whole Body Vibration

Do you have Active Couch Potato Syndrome?

Believe it or not, “Active couch potato syndrome” is an actual term being used in scientific papers to describe those who do their weekly workouts but spend the rest of their term sitting/being sedentary. It turns out that prolonged sitting still results in early death/cardiovascular disease even if you get the recommended 30 mins of exercise … More Do you have Active Couch Potato Syndrome?

Antioxidants after a workout – Yay or nay?

Should you take antioxidants after a workout? This is something I thought I should write about after seeing an advert for a post workout  protein powder with turmeric extract. While antioxidant supplements such as turmeric are extremely beneficial in most circumstances, I have always accepted that taking them after a workout is bad, because the … More Antioxidants after a workout – Yay or nay?

Winter Workouts

It’s now nearing the end of December, and London is finally starting to get frosty. I finally now feel like I need a coat when being outside for long periods of time. I finally appreciate the warmth and cosiness of the indoors rather than feel like its stuffy and overbearing. A couple of weeks ago … More Winter Workouts