Wild Plants

When I moved into my home near woods last July, it was exciting to discover the many plants growing around the garden. At that time the elderflower tree was in bloom and there were lots of blackberry brambles all around the garden. This spring, lots of bee-friendly wildflowers have popped up, and I’ve been foraging … More Wild Plants

Positive Birth

When I became pregnant, I dived deep into the world of birthing, positive birth, and hypnobirthing. I already knew prior to my pregnancy, that there are some big problems with the way women birth in the West. For example the WHO advises that the most appropriate C-section rate should be 10-15%; if the rate is … More Positive Birth

Whipped Body Butter

Has anyone else delved into creative endeavours during lock-down that they normally wouldn’t have otherwise? I certainly have…which is why today I’m sharing my homemade body butter! I decided to make it myself after spending ages looking for an organic body moisturiser that didn’t contain harmful ingredients (i.e that basically only contained healthy skin-nourishing fats), … More Whipped Body Butter

Combating Coronavirus: staying healthy and boosting your immune system

Today, in the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, I thought I’d offer some tips to boost your immune system and enhance general well-being. There is already plenty of important advice from experts¬† that we should all be following in order to “flatten the curve” – i.e slow the spread so our health services aren’t overwhelmed … More Combating Coronavirus: staying healthy and boosting your immune system