Keto chocolate ice-cream

I’ve been playing around with dipping into ketosis more these days (especially after a fairly high carb month while travelling around South America), and the easiest way to eat ultra low carb is having the option of a delicious treat once in a while. Enter…keto chocolate ice-cream! I usually make my ice-cream with raw, grass-fed … More Keto chocolate ice-cream

Chocolate pudding

So one Saturday not too long ago, I decided it was time I made a super chocolately, indulgent  dessert (that would ofcourse be gluten/sugar/grain free) and this is how my chocolate pudding pie was born! I made a chocolate wafer crust, filled it with rich creamy chocolate pudding and topped it with whipped cream. Unfortunately, … More Chocolate pudding

Low carb lemon bars

Recently I managed to borrow a fancy schmancy camera from a wonderful friend, and decided it was time to make a sweet treat recipe that I could photograph and post. Due to an accidental Abel & Cole order that included a bunch of organic lemons, these low carb lemon bars were created. These came out beautifully,and even … More Low carb lemon bars