Whole Body Vibration

I’ve been intrigued by the benefits of the Whole Body Vibration recently. So much so, that I recently bought a Power Plate to add to my home gym set-up. It’s not cheap, but I am convinced the benefits are worth it. You can find these vibration plates in many gyms, but most people don’t understand … More Whole Body Vibration

Positive Birth

When I became pregnant, I dived deep into the world of birthing, positive birth, and hypnobirthing. I already knew prior to my pregnancy, that there are some big problems with the way women birth in the West. For example the WHO advises that the most appropriate C-section rate should be 10-15%; if the rate is … More Positive Birth

Healthiest cooking fats

What are the healthiest fats to cook with? There has been so much misinformation and deception regarding this question (and around fats in general), that it’s still not anywhere near common knowledge which fats are healthiest. Back in the era when fats (especially saturated fats) were vilified, processed vegetable oils became the panacea for health. … More Healthiest cooking fats

Sprouted Granola

I made this healthier granola the other day and it is too good not to share! While I generally avoid grains and legumes due to their anti-nutrients like phytic acid (which reduces absorption of some minerals like Calcium, Iron, Magneisum and Zinc) and lectin (in high amounts also reduce nutrient absorption, and cause damage to … More Sprouted Granola