End Myopia – a programme to reverse bad eyesight

I just wanted to rave about this eyesight improving program, that allowed me to drop my  glasses prescription by 0.5 diopters at my last optometrist visit! How on earth did I manage this, you ask? Well none other than the End Myopia program. I discovered this a few years ago, as quite frankly, having terrible eyesight is … More End Myopia – a programme to reverse bad eyesight

Pumpkin pie

Wow, getting married is a project and a half! My last post was written weeks before my wedding, (and I managed to post it the day before, a final post by my single unmarried self!). After an incredible day, we then needed a proper relax (which included 2 days in a remote cottage in the … More Pumpkin pie

Plastic, male infertility and what to do about it

I read this powerful article the other week on dropping sperm counts, and needless to say, it’s both shocking and sobering. Please go read it!  Essentially, average sperm counts in men have halved in approximately the last 40 years, as shown by rigorous systematic reviews.  Unless something is done to halt the decline, human men … More Plastic, male infertility and what to do about it

The Deprivation mindset

Well…I managed to go ages without posting anything again. I blame the new job mostly; I have officially started the GP training programme, the next step to being the functional medicine doctor I aspire to be! Working in the sexual health clinic which has been busy, in addition to a hectic summer! I’ve been thinking … More The Deprivation mindset