Foodie heaven

Travelling and blogging is hard. It’s like…there’s so much going on and so many new experiences which I want to write about, but the lack of free time means I’ve struggled with even writing my “memories journal”. But it’s okay, because there is A LOT of interesting stuff stored in my brain that I will … More Foodie heaven

Antioxidants after a workout – Yay or nay?

Should you take antioxidants after a workout? This is something I thought I should write about after seeing an advert for a post workout  protein powder with turmeric extract. While antioxidant supplements such as turmeric are extremely beneficial in most circumstances, I have always accepted that taking them after a workout is bad, because the … More Antioxidants after a workout – Yay or nay?

Broken Brain

PEOPLE! Dr Mark Hyman (world renowned functional medicine doctor) has put together an amazing documentary series called “Broken brain”, and y’all need to check it out! I watched episode two the other day, which is all about brain-gut health, as well as environmental toxins and stress and how they harm our bodies and brains. This … More Broken Brain