Walnut pesto

    What do you do when you find big bags of fresh fragrant basil at the farmers market and know you have some unused walnuts in the shell and quality olive oil from Italy at home? Make pesto of-course! It’s much better when made at home than bought at the supermarket. The vast majority … More Walnut pesto

What’s wrong with your personal care products?

I recently wrote a blog about the negative impacts of plastics on health, where I mentioned that many personal care products (creams, shampoos, shower gels etc) have plastics in them which cause health issues. Today, I’m going to delve a little deeper into the contents of the things many people slather on their bodies every … More What’s wrong with your personal care products?

Tips to mitigate side effects of over-the-counter painkillers

Over the counter painkillers are some of the most commonly used medications, and have been used by most people at some point in time. While it’s wonderful we have options for pain relief when pain is too strong to be managed by natural methods, these medications don’t come without side effects (like all medications do). … More Tips to mitigate side effects of over-the-counter painkillers


I started  writing this in Piknik Austin, after a few crazy days at PaleoFX, finished it in San Diego and am posting it from London! It’s been a crazy two weeks.. So PaleoFx is one of the biggest gatherings of Paleo/Primal people, Biohackers, functional medicine doctors and ancestral wellness fans in one place. It was … More PaleoFX

Cure – a book review

I recently read this fantastic book called “Cure”, which is about mind-body medicine and the placebo effect. It’s wonderfully narrated, and talks about alternative medicine from a very fair, scientific viewpoint (it’s written by Jo Marchant, a science journalist). In essence, the book outlines research and evidence that proves the mind and body are inextricably … More Cure – a book review

End Myopia – a programme to reverse bad eyesight

I just wanted to rave about this eyesight improving program, that allowed me to drop my  glasses prescription by 0.5 diopters at my last optometrist visit! How on earth did I manage this, you ask? Well none other than the End Myopia program. I discovered this a few years ago, as quite frankly, having terrible eyesight is … More End Myopia – a programme to reverse bad eyesight