Thoughts on medicine, healthcare and paving the way to wellness.

The other day I listened to the umpteenth podcast with Chris Kresser, who has recently published the book “Unconventional medicine“, on how the modern western medical system is broken and how he thinks we can improve everyone’s health with a more holistic model. I’m about to order the book, which is of particular interest to … More Thoughts on medicine, healthcare and paving the way to wellness.

Keto chocolate ice-cream

I’ve been playing around with dipping into ketosis more these days (especially after a fairly high carb month while travelling around South America), and the easiest way to eat ultra low carb is having the option of a delicious treat once in a while. Enter…keto chocolate ice-cream! I usually make my ice-cream with raw, grass-fed … More Keto chocolate ice-cream

Golden milk latte

I have no idea why it took so long, but yesterday was the first time I tried “Golden milk”, which is an adaptation of an Ayurvedic health tonic made with milk and turmeric. Golden milk seems to be all the rage in the West now; I keep seeing it in health food cafes and on … More Golden milk latte

Foodie heaven

Travelling and blogging is hard. It’s like…there’s so much going on and so many new experiences which I want to write about, but the lack of free time means I’ve struggled with even writing my “memories journal”. But it’s okay, because there is A LOT of interesting stuff stored in my brain that I will … More Foodie heaven